9 Tips to Loving Your Life in the New Year

9 Tips to Loving Your Life in the New Year

In case you feel run down and tired all the time, you might want to pay more attention to the body you are in. Most of us don’t exercise self-compassion often enough, and this is the reason why we cannot relax and take a step back. You have to start looking after your body before it can look after you. If you would like to learn how to love yourself better and incorporate some new habits into your daily or weekly routines, you can find nine tips below.

Change Your Bed


If you wake up tired every morning, and without energy, your bed might be to blame. It is recommended that you change your mattress every 7-8 years, and if yours is older than this, it might be time to shop around. You might have some back problems that need to be addressed by the new bed. If you have a hard bed and wake up tired and with lower back pains, you might want to get some orthopedic cushions to correct your posture while you are sleeping. You spend eight hours a day in your bedroom, so make the most out of your chance to relax.

Surround Yourself with Beautiful Things

Another way of loving yourself better is to reward yourself with some beautiful things to surround you. If you have a favorite animal, collect decorations and household items with it on, so you smile every time you look at them. Love oceans and sea creatures? Get a special feature wall designed in your bedroom or living room to help you relax and feel at home. Even a special coffee cup can make your mornings, so choose your home furnishings and accessories carefully.

Use Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are something I Some of us wake up in the morning thinking we need to fight an impossible war again, and there is nothing good about to happen in the next 12 hours. You can change your thoughts to change your mood and mindset by using positive affirmations. They will give you confidence and faith in your abilities, as well as a more optimistic outlook. To start this routine, you should make a note of all the negative thoughts that come to your mind in the morning and try to find statements that contradict them. Practice positive affirmations throughout the day, and you will feel better soon.

Give Yourself a Facial

We all have bad days or weeks. If you feel like you need a reward or help relaxing, you could treat yourself to a facial at home. Make sure you have nothing planned, and you can stream your favorite playlist on your Bluetooth device without the kids interrupting. Get some special SPA quality cosmetics, put on an ambient light, and treat your skin. Use natural oil to cleanse and moisturize your skin, paying attention to the neck and decolletage area.  Massage your face, and give it a bit of a boost with a warming mask.

Take Care of Your Feet: They Carry you All Day Long

One of the areas we often neglect is our feet. They carry all our weight during the day and are often treated badly. Schedule a pedicure every month, or do it at home. Check out the home pedicure tips on Anything that looks natural, and find ways to keep your nails looking awesome. Use natural oils, such as grape seed and grapefruit to gently cleanse and scrub your heels and soles… this is the perfect final touch.

Stretch In the Morning and At Night

While you sleep, your joints are aligned differently than when you are up and about. Make sure you are maintaining your strong and firm posture and support your bones and muscles by stretching in the morning and at night. You can adopt a healthy morning and evening yoga stretching routine to make sure you avoid lower back pain and neck problems. I love using this free series on YouTube. Adriene is so calming and supportive… even on the TV!

Take A Relaxing Bath Every Week

After a hard day, you deserve chilling with a glass of your favorite drink or a herbal tea. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find the time every day. Take one night every week when you reward your body and mind for the hard work they did during the last few days. Set the scene, get your Bluetooth speaker, light the candles, and use your favorite cosmetics while you take time out. Having a “me time” is a good way for busy mothers to recharge their batteries.

Massage Your Scalp

Whenever you feel stressed, take some time off to give yourself a scalp massage. If you suffer from dry scalp, you could get some natural oil that you can massage into the skin to increase the circulation and get rid of stress. This routine only takes a few minutes each week and can help you beat headaches caused by stress, lack of fresh air, and eye strains. You will soon notice that the condition of your hair, as well as your mental health, has improved.

Drink More Water

This is so hard for me. I mean, I am terrible at drinking enough water! To beat stress, indigestion, prevent colds, and get rid of headaches, you can simply try to drink more water. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, you could invest in a water filter jug and squeeze fresh lemon, lime, or oranges in it for taste and extra vitamins. Drinking water will help your body get rid of toxins and aid your digestive system at the same time. Swap one coffee or tea with a glass of naturally flavored water, and you will notice the difference in just a few days. Just make sure to hide them from the kids because they will steal it. Always. 

Being healthier on the outside starts with paying more attention to what is going on inside our body. Listen to your body’s needs, and learn to love yourself. Women often care more about anyone else’s needs than their own. It is time to change the trend. Treat yourself to a mini SPA, a hot bath, or even a facial. Look after your body and mind working hard all day, and you can feel better about yourself and the world. I try to set up our day, once a week, to take a bath and use my BeautyCounter face mask in peace… I look forward to it all week! It doesn’t always happen but I do try to make time to rejuvinate!

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