Back in September 2017

Back in September 2017

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Simplifying: our grocery budget!  We are trying our hand at monthly grocery shipping… 50% through the month and so far it is definitely working well… we’ll see how the next couple weeks go! Stay tuned for more info!

Reading: Three Sisters, Three Queens (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels) by Philippa Gregory, The Last Queen: A Novel by C.W. Gortner and A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge) by Ken Follett on my Kindle Paperwhite E-reader. I’m a sucker for English History and yes, have 3 books going at one time right now. When I finish all three of them, I will have read 14 books this year which is well past my goal of one per month. I am finding it to be a really nice way to take some me time and hope to keep it up!

Organizing: our basement! We considered that a separate part of the simplifying project and left it for after the entire house had been purged and simplified. This basement is about 8 hours in and 3 full SUV loads to a donation center… with no end in sight.  We will get it done… slowly! Do you have an area you are waiting until the end to do in your house?

Focused on: doing less reacting to the kids when they are winning, screaming, fighting etc.  I am working on taking a breath and pausing before I respond because lately my reactions have been less than productive. Momming ain’t easy!

Shopping for: a fiddlehead fig tree for the living room and starting to think about Christmas gifts! I want to be extra thoughtful and intentional this year for the kids so I’m giving myself lots of browse time. I am a little plant crazy in this house and have been eyeing up some trees for the living room.  I love this fake one Nearly Natural 5346 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, 6-Feet, Green as I have some friends with it and it looks so real! Unfortunately, my hubby is less than keen on a fake one so I’ve decided I really want to stick to a real one and will just have to learn how to not kill it.  Indoor potted succulents and leafy plants I am good with… inside trees is another story! Fingers crossed!

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