BEAUTYCOUNTER: Why I joined the Mission

BEAUTYCOUNTER: Why I joined the Mission

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It seems that every year, I take another step towards a more natural and cleaner lifestyle. This started with the foods I was eating and has evolved into what I use to clean our home and what products we use on our bodies. The more I learned about the toxins and chemicals in everyday products, the more I knew we needed to transition to healthier choices for my growing family. While simplifying what we had in our home, I began a long process of slowly researching and incorporating better choices into our home. When I went to Konmari my skincare and makeup, I was horrified to see what was in things I had been using for a decade. I leaned on dear friends who had found Beautycounter as a healthy option and decided I needed to look into it for myself. I figured the products would work OK and be moderately better health wise… boy was I wrong. I stated with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar and the Kids Bath Collection. Truth be told, I instantly fell in love with these products from the first week I used them. My skin improved with the charcoal bar within 2 uses. TWO USES to a bright complexion! Best of all, I loved how clean and simple the kid’s bath items were. Not to mention, I was so happy knowing they were full of only safe ingredients as I scrubbed up my three crazy little ones. I was hooked at this point and knew I needed to join the mission. I am so honored to be a part of this company’s journey to getting safe and effective products into the hands of others. I would love to chat BC anytime and encourage you to make a switch to cleaner ingredients in your home… for a safer and cleaner future. Feel to email me with questions (link in the top left corner)! Below I have a few products that are staples around here and are the first things I would recommend to my favorite people! Check them out and please let me know what you think… they have been life changing around here!

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