Currently on Eden in October 2017

Currently on Eden in October 2017

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October 2017, currently on Eden Street I am…

Simplifying: The monthly grocery shopping was a huge hit last month and saved us roughly 40%! This month I am continuing to fine tune the dinners that work for our goal of being high quality, nutrient dense foods on a budget. Simplifying how often we eat certain items and adding more food prep into my routine is a major goal for the month.

Reading: Our coffee table currently has Bonesville by Jean-Lue Fromental & Joelle Joliet sitting out for our family.  This is an adorable and visually stunning kids book about a town where everyone is a skeleton and the heroic Sherlock Bones who solves the mystery of 206 bones going missing from the townspeople. If you haven’t read this book, you have got to check it out! For reference, living in Salem MA, the Halloween capital of the US (I just made that up), October is a very busy and festive time.  Kids wear costumes almost daily, all month-long and even our simple home decor gets a spooky touch. Personally, I am still reading A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge) by Ken Follett on Audible (If you haven’t, Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks!) This newly released book is proving to be even better than the first two in the Kingsbridge series which started with The Pillars of the Earth.

Organizing: Our basement is still a work in progress. My husband has a few extra days off this month so we hope to finish clearing and cleaning the basement to start to finish it ourselves, little by little. We donated our old fridge that was down there and were shocked to find out National Grid would pick it up for free.  Not only that, they paid us $50 to do so. This fridge was there when we moved in and we are so glad to not have it taking up space and wasting electricity. With that gone, it feels so much less chaotic down there! DIY basement, here we come!

Focused on: Self care is the name of the game for me this month. October is my birthday month and since it happens early in the month, I often get spoiled with a massage and then remember how important it is for me to taking care of myself. I can’t be a great mom, wife or friend if I am not whole. I am focused on making time for yoga, taking weekly baths and making sure I’m getting enough water every day.

Shopping for: I am working on our sons 6th birthday party where we will have a Flapjacks and Flannel themed celebration. We are determined to be very thoughtful and intentional about the gifts we give the kids, focused on quality vs quantity. Our son has asked every single day since his cousin’s birthday (In August) for a snow cone machine. This is something we initially laughed about but finally decided he would love it, we’d use it and we appreciated that it would be a fun thing to bond over as a family. We can use fresh squeezed juice over the shaved ice and have a tasty and inexpensive treat anytime. After weeks of reading reviews, we decided to go with this Nostalgia Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine. While I still think I may be crazy for giving in to this, when a 5-year-old doesn’t change his mind for months, it’s worth a shot. We also bought him the UNICEF Kids Power Band which makes monetary donations for time spent being active. It is basically a kids Fitbit that has a socially goodwill element built in. This is also something he’s wanted for a while as it has a clock on it. He is starting to learn to tell time so we are excited to have this special tool to help build upon his understanding.

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