Cut the Time You Spend Picking Up in HALF!

Cut the Time You Spend Picking Up in HALF!

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Do you spend too much time cleaning? Want to cut the time it takes to clean your home in HALF? In one simple system, you can achieve just that… a tidy home in HALF the time. Literally, HALF, I timed it.

We’ve all been there. You know, a friend calls and says they will be by for a quick visit in 25 minutes. “Sure, no problem! See you soon.” Phone hangs up and your stomach drops. You look around and the disaster is staring at you in the face. Ready, set, clean!

If you haven’t been in this situation, consider yourself lucky. With 3 little ones, my own business and a husband who works 70 hours a week, our house is often in a state I don’t love. While friends and family don’t care about a mess, I do. Truth is, it gives me extreme anxiety when my house is like this so I really prefer a tidy home, company coming or not. That said, I definitely always try to tidy before visitors and at the end of the day to go to bed without a complete mess.

I discovered the quickest way to tidy is to clean by category vs room.

This cut my cleaning time in HALF!

I go through one floor of the house and clean up one category at a time. Typically, our house is cluttered with the same stuff… toys, kitchen utensils, toys, books, toys, and clothing. Did I mention toys? In actuality, my categories typically look like this: Trash/Recycling, Toys, CLothing/Shoes & Kitchen Items. Usually, there are a few random items left that I deal with and then I can do a quick sweep/vacuum and wipe the surfaces. This process works because I spend less time going back and forth from the trash to the toy room and kitchen, again and again. I do all the trash at once and move on.

So let’s jump into the cleanup system a little deeper. It really is so simple. Grab a bag for trash and one for recycling. I go around and pick up all these disposable items in the entire downstairs. I then put each bag immediately into the household bins where they belong. That means the entire downstairs is rid of any trash or recycling and no making inefficient trips back to the kitchen to throw stuff away.

After that first ‘sweep’ through the house, I move to toys. I grab a basket and pick up every toy throughout the downstairs. I then bring that basket to the toy room. I usually ask my kids to sort through this and put them away where they go at this point. In a pinch though, I can do this later with them, even though I prefer not have the basket sit there full of toys. At least the entire house isn’t littered with legos and stuffed animals to step on though. To reiterate, because we do one category at a time, you don’t have to take multiple trips to the toy room with armload after armload… time saved!

Next up for me is usually clothing & shoes. I grab a basket and pick up any of these items I find throughout the downstairs. When it’s all picked up, I put the dirty clothes in the bin, the clean clothes in the rooms where they belong for people to put away on their own and the shoes on the shoe mat. At this point, the house looks pretty tidy.

We seem to accumulate random spoons and cups all over the place throughout the day so I make a quick trip for kitchen items and put them in the dishwasher. If there are any random items that didn’t fit into a typical category, say I had some work items out on the table, I will then put these where they belong. A quick vacuum or sweep, depending on the floor and the house is in great shape. At this point, it is only another minute or two to spray and wipe each surface so I typically do this too. And just like that, the entire downstairs is CLEAN.

Since adopting this technique, I save roughly 50% of my time… time is valuable when you have no less than 9 million things to do at all times.

Here is a quick video of me doing just the main living/ding room area in our home. The video is sped up obviously, although I wish I could clean this entire space in 22 seconds.  In reality, this entire living area took 5 minutes and 4 seconds to complete this cleaning process. The entire downstairs typically takes 15 minutes. In truth… this is way better than saving you 50% of your time but I’d rather under promise and over deliver.

Obviously, I am not dusting or cleaning baseboards here but I can have a tidy downstairs in 15 minutes. TIme yourself… see how quickly this works for you… I found it fun to actually time myself and see if it was saving me as much time as I thought. I am glad it did because time is valuable around here. Besides, now I get to help save you time too!


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