Holiday Gifts for the Intentional Mom

Holiday Gifts for the Intentional Mom

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Hey all! The fall weather is here to stay and with that, many are talking about and researching holiday gifts. Have you started shopping? I haven’t yet but I am slowly getting a plan together for our kids and my husband. Today I want to talk a little bit about what moms, like myself, might like for holiday gifts. I can count on my right hand how many specific things I have asked for since my kids were born. Sound familiar? I know precisely 1 million things they would love or need but often forget about myself.  I have very thoughtful gift givers in our extended family and I am always no help at all in offering ideas. So, let’s chat about possible gifts for the intentional or minimalist style mom.

First and foremost, there are ample articles about handmade gifts ad upcycled gifts for minimalist moms. I absolutely love a good handmade gift; an ornament, a picture, you name it. I also am a big believer in upcycling items and would love something like this as a gift. I have been asked a few times recently, however, to put together a list of gift ideas for those that want to purchase something nice for someone. Sometimes the giver wants to buy something and in that case, what is the right type of gift to get someone who is a minimalist or lives simply?

Have you heard about the Want/Need/Wear/Read gift giving system? Essentially, you pick something they want, something they actually need, something they can wear and something to read. This is a popular trend in the simplifying world and beyond. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that this approach takes. In fact, I’ve used it in the past and the system has been a joy to shop within. Without further ado, let’s look at some gifts the intentional mom in your life might love, assuming you want to buy her something vs make it yourself.


When it comes to the want category, why not ask the mom in your life exactly what she would love. She may not be one to splurge on herself but would absolutely love a new pair of nice boots or a necklace she can add to her wardrobe. Alternatively, maybe you have heard her mention something she would love, something you know she wouldn’t get for herself. The important thing to note here is to pick something out that will give you joy to give and will make her feel special.

I’ve had my eyes on these boots and a simple necklace like this. Would I ever buy them for myself? Not a chance. Would I jump up and down on Christmas morning like a child if I received them, you bet!  I have a simple capsule wardrobe but a nice quality, new piece is the perfect way to add flare to the entire capsule without a ton of new stuff.

Alternatively, consider offering her an experience that would make her feel special. Maybe you treat her to a massage or take her to lunch and a walk on the beach, just the two of you. Yes, a gift card or a card with the plan and date written in it is a thoughtful gift. It takes time and effort to put together which shows how much you love her. This is another wonderful way to show someone you love them on the holidays.


Things mom needs are usually pretty easy to identify. Just watch her; listen to her. Have you seen her burn her hand on her pot holder?  You know, the one that has 3 holes but she refuses to throw it away because making sure her kids have all they need is her priority? Choose something useful like a gardening tool or a nice bitter dish to preserve the butter she always complains is getting all over the counter. How cute is this butter dish by the way!? It’s over 50% off right now (10/12/17) so click the image and grab one while you can! The key is to pay attention to something she actually needs… even if it doesn’t seem “fun” fulfilling a need for someone is a very thoughtful choice in gift giving.


This one is front of mind for me as I actually need a coat this year. Maybe the mom in your life has something she needs or maybe you want to get her something that is special for her to wear, just because.  Consider her style and the things she seems to love to wear. A gift card to her favorite store is always a nice option as she may not go shop for herself otherwise. Are you seeing a theme here? Make a choice that will show you care by picking something she will want to wear.

For examples sake, In my world, I need a new coat this year. We are a BIG Patagonia family. While they aren’t cheap items, they are made the right way, start to finish, and we’ve never owned an article of Patagonia clothing that didn’t last us years. Having a few kids allows us to pass them down and the resale value is incredible. If you don’t know much about the brand the mission statement is as follows: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” I love Patagonia, can you tell?

Ok, so I need a new everyday coat this year because my previous one has been worn to a point of holes (not Patagonia). I love this selection here and am deciding between these four as to which is my favorite. Check them out if you haven’t already! Any thoughts on which I should pick for an everyday coat in cold New England? Decisions, decisions! Comment on your favorite!


Books are a perfect way to relax and often come at a nice, modest price point. Magazines and such would be another way to gift something to read. Whether it be a paperback book, a digital book or a monthly magazine subscription, you can’t go wrong with this gift idea.

For the creative mom who needs some motivation to believe in herself, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is an amazing book.

For the exhausted mom who needs to have a good chuckle,We Are Never Meeting in Real Life. is a best-selling and absolutely hysterical read.

For the commuting mom who hasn’t read a book for pleasure in years, choose an audible book or better yet, an audible gift card for her to those her how. This and a set of headphones that are compatible with her phone would be a very thoughtful gift for her commute to and from work. Click here to Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks.

For the flower loving mom,The Flower Recipe Book might be one of the most beautiful books you could give. This was gifted to me for my birthday a while back and it is a book I will never #konmari. It is full of ideas and inspiration as well as being a book you can read over and over. 

For the coffee loving mom,The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: Growing, Roasting, and Drinking, with Recipes is a wonderful read. She can read this again and again and its pretty enough to decorate her coffee table with. 

For the mom with all of the style,Simply Styling: Fresh & Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home is a lovely choice. This book is perfect with a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning. She will love it if she loves design, decor and or pretty things.


Gifts are meant to be an act of doing something nice for someone you care about.  They should be something that makes you feel good. When you couple that with really, truly thinking about the recipient and what they would love, you get the perfect gift. If you are a mom, what is on your list this year? Anything you want, need, would love to wear or read? Can’t wait to hear! -xo Jenn

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