How To handle the Holidays with Kids After the KonMari Purge

How To handle the Holidays with Kids After the KonMari Purge

Holidays with Kids: After the KonMari Purge

So you’ve parred down the kids’ toys at your house and now the holidays are right around the corner. Let’s face it, holidays with kids often involves lots of toys. This seems to be a common stressor for new KonMari converts and declutterers alike. We want to give our children what we can and see those little faces light up on Christmas morning. At the same time though, we JUST got the toy thing under control and bringing all that stuff back into the house can feel beyond overwhelming. I recommend a few simple steps to walk you through this.


First off, make sure you make space for the new items. When you decluttered your toys, did you make just enough space? You know what you’ll be purchasing and whether others may gift your children some new toys. If you haven’t made extra space, you are bound to end up with an overflow. This is an ugly cycle. You have a few options to prepare for the new items. Namely, you can…mm

  • Make additional space by purging more toys. In our house, we periodically “sweep” the area for things that may now be ready for donation, trash etc.
  • Find another area in the house for some of them, new and/or old. Maybe you decide to separate all the blocks out and stage them together in another area to give the kids a quiet place to build and create without the other toys around. I know others who keep all the dolls and their accessories in their child’s bedroom with the other toys left in the playspace.
  • Alternatively, use a bucket with a lid to rotate out some of the current items. I know some moms who celebrate Christmas who do this on Christmas eve. The kids wake up, obsess over their new stuff and the old items can be rotated back in once they seem bored with their selection. Toy rotation is wonderful for keeping clutter to a minimum!!!

Shop Consciously

After the KonMari process, people tend to be more thoughtful about what they buy. Before buying shoes they think about how often they will wear them and will they hold up over time. For whatever reason, even many of the most conscious consumers tend to approach toys differently. Our kids seem so excited about something and “it’s only $10” so we get it. But will that toy last?  Will it still be played with next week? Teach your children to value quality and love what they have, not how much they have. If the $10 toy is it, perfect. If they want it because they are children and it’s in front of them, it may be a good time to coach them towards these value. Sometimes we will strike out, and kids will love something for a week and then not use it much. That is ok. Sell it or donate it to someone who can love it. No guilt necessary!

Relax Remember gifts are meant

If all else fails, remember what gifts are about. Gifts are meant to be an act of love. We gift something because it makes them happy and we want them to be happy. So, sure, you might have some extra toys to step on and clean up for a short bit. You spent time purging and got it under control, you can do it again.  Besides, this time it will be a lot easier because most of the chaos is gone. It’s the holiday season and you want to do something nice for your kids. Let them enjoy it, even if they show disinterest a day later. Do your best to choose things you have some space for and that should withstand some rough play (because they are kids) and then sit back and watch their delight in your thoughtful gift.

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