How decluttering affects children… and how that affects you!

How decluttering affects children… and how that affects you!

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So, you have decided you are sick of the extra stuff lying around and begin the process of simplifying and decluttering your home. Maybe this was sparked by the Marie Kondo book or maybe the last straw fell on the camel’s back. Maybe it was a recent post of mine, Keep The Clutter Off Your Counters. For some reason, you’ve decided to to go room by room, or category by category, and simplify. Congratulations!  Your life is about to change drastically.But how will the decluttering affect your children?

Wondering who Marie Kondo is? Check out this 1-minute recap here of her world famous book! 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

But did you know, children are actually greatly affected by clutter too? Did you know your children’s behavior will improve once it’s done? My children sleep better and handle frustration so much better when things are more streamlined and less chaotic.

How does decluttering affect children?


First Off…

Think about it, when you look around your messy house at the end of the day, do you feel overwhelmed? Does a kitchen island piled in paperwork and random items stress you out when you need to get dinner going? Children also respond this way to chaotic environments. Often with children, we call it overstimulated. They may get overstimulated with too many loud noises or too much screen time. They can also get overstimulated with too much to visually take in. This is why so many kids don’t actually play in a focused manner with all the toys they have.  It can be just too much for them to process when seeing all of the toys. They can’t choose one thing to play; they can’t focus. We want them to do what we’ve asked and to min the house rules, but they can’t focus. A decluttered home will give them the ability to focus, to learn and the behavior changes will be a welcome shift in the home.


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When you have simplified things so you can put things away when you get time, you’ll be more at ease and your kids will benefit. You will have more time and more patience, with less stuff to do on top of all that you have to do. CLutter makes our day to day more difficult and it sucks up our time.  This is a time you could spend with your children. Even 5 minutes with each child to hug and read a story, or talk about their day, can make a huge difference in a child’s sense of security and contentedness. WIth the decluttered home, parents still have a million things to do, but they’ll have an easier time doing it which does free up some mental space and time.


Less Stuff = More Focus & More Quality Time Together


Decluttering affects children intensely. Some more than others, but overall, a simple environment will give you fewer headaches and set them up for a successful day… with you! You be the judge. Once you have #konmari’d your home, enjoy being able to get out of the house easier because there is less in the way and you know where you put things. Enjoy getting dressed quickly from your closet instead of the probably, hopefully, piles of clean clothes. And if you are a parent, enjoy how these positive changes in your life affect your little ones and the relationship between you.

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