Konmari The Kids Books

Konmari The Kids Books

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Our kids enjoy reading but tend to read more when there are fewer options in front of them. For years we have kept 10 books or so around the house and the rest in a closet or buckets, depending on where we lived. We’d rotate once they got bored with the ones we had available.

When we bought our dream home here on Eden St we didn’t have a closet for the extra books but we did inherit some Ikea Kallax Shelves from the previous tenants which was a perfect spot for them.

As I was packing them away, I saw so many books that were ripped, repeats and quite a few that the kids didn’t even like. And so… it was time to #konmari these things!

I pulled them all out one day from every room in the house, the car and the shelves. One by one, I went through them and kept only those that I felt like we needed, ones we loved and any special collections we likely will love soon.

In the end, I pulled out at least 2 full laundry baskets worth of books to rehome and packed the baskets right into my car. A little tip- if you don’t get rid of stuff quickly… your kids will find the baskets and throw the “donate items” all over your house. Then you are back to square one.

If you read nothing else, read this next sentence. I highly recommend you only go through items on a day when you can drop off donations that same day or at least the next day. This will help you see results faster and ensure you don’t have to do the whole thing all over again. Trust me… been there!!

With the remaining books I decided to color coordinate them totally on a whim. It felt so therapeutic to organize them this way and I assumed it would last a short while since these where the backup books but whatever, it was calming for a little while. After all, these would be the books out of sight so they’d stay organized for a short while, right?

With all of this done, a few VERY surprising things happened…

First off, the kids saw the shelves and loved he “rainbow”. They soon started to go in there and read quietly whenever they felt overwhelmed or tired. They called it their “library” and they LOVED it! I felt all the eye rolls every time my kids told people they had a children’s library in their new home but my kids were reading and throwing fewer tantrums so… roll away!

Secondly, color coordinated books evidently are “more fun to put away” because it’s a game for them so they keep it so organized. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for my own eyes. You guys! Spend 20 minutes and coordinate the books by color. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

How do you rotate/store your kids books? Any good tips?

Oh! Marie Kondo herself tweeted my bookshelf! Somehow that made me feel really motivated to keep going… check out the tweet here!

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