Meet the Fam

Meet the Fam

Just an ambitious mom over here with three little kids, a husband I love unconditionally, five chickens and a profound love for coffee.  Until recently, I was in a constant state of being overwhelmed, with too many things to do and no time or energy to get any of those things done.  I committed to simplifying our lives one small step at a time and can’t wait to share our journey with you all.

My Husband Joe and I live in North Shore Massachusetts with our three kids C (6yo), G (3.5yo) & W (1.5yo). We waited years to buy our first home and bought a dream home for our family in Sept 2016.  Since we moved in we have purged more stuff than I want to admit, grown our family by 5 chickens and started to settle into our new life here on Eden Street.




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