Overcome the Laundry Series

Overcome the Laundry Series

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Laundry & dishes are two of my least favorite household chores. Well, right behind cleaning the high chair, sweeping, cleaning the bathroom… ok, I don’t love to clean. But the laundry has always sent my stress level through the roof. We have three little kids who grow super fast and love mud so no matter what I did, there was never enough time {energy} in the day to get it all done. So it would sit… either in the washer, in the dryer or in piles in and  laundry basket.

In an effort to not constantly feel like I was drowning in laundry, we made some major adjustments to the wardrobe department and how the laundry gets done. A few months in and I am happy to report I no longer have piles and piles to wash and/or put away. I also don’t hate laundry anymore which was an unexpected and shocking result.

I started writing this post in hopes to share the wealth with you but realized our success with laundry required more than just how often I wash things etc. In lieu of an encyclopedia long post, I decide this would make a perfect series.

I’ll walk you through the 5 steps we took to get us to a sustainable, happy place with laundry for our family of five. Stay tuned this week for the full series. I can’t wait to share this incredibly thorough, yet simple, plan to a new laundry situation!

First up will be, Overcome the Laundry: Step #1 The Marathon

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