Overcome the Laundry: Step #1 The Marathon

Overcome the Laundry: Step #1 The Marathon

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I spent years unable to keep up with all of the laundry in our house. Our kids would change clothes a million times a day and with work and three little ones, I wasn’t always [read: ever] able to get those barely worn things back in the drawer/closet. Inevitably, I’d wash things that didn’t need to be washed. Some times I would ‘catch up’ and then realize the piles had reappeared and, oh by the way, what about all the blankets and sheets you didn’t get to?!

We did finally get to a place recently where almost everything is clean on a daily basis and the sheets even get cleaned regularly. As promised in yesterday’s intro the Overcome the Laundry post, I am so excited to share  5 steps we took to get us to a sustainable, happy place with laundry for our family of five.

Step #1 The Marathon

The goal through this process is to truly set yourself up to be in a sustainable place with laundry.  Simply washing everything that is clean will not change your habits. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in laundry again.

So why is this step #1 called a Marathon? In order to get where we are going, you first need to wash everything you own. Check the car, check the basement, check under the beds. I mean really, find everything and wash it.  This will require you to plan a time to bust out this marathon of a laundry session. In an ideal world, you should get this done as quickly as possible, one full day maybe if you do the entire family at once. Otherwise, do what I did and do one person at a time so it’s a more manageable process for busy people like you and I.

A marathon of laundry might sound dreadful but it is the first step towards your new future. That sounds slightly dramatic but for those of us who have lost sleep over this daunting, never-ending chore, its not. So, make it fun. Turn on your Audible and listen to a book you’ve been dying to read. Heck, listen to Marie Kondo’s ever popular, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing for a crazy amount of motivation.

As things get clean, fold them all and organize by person. I used multiple laundry baskets for each person as I did one person at a time around here. Once everything is clean, you are ready for Step #2: Konmari Style Purge!

Stay tuned for this next step in the process towards never getting stressed by your laundry again!

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6 thoughts on “Overcome the Laundry: Step #1 The Marathon”

    • Girl, I felt like a small group must have moved in and I just hadn’t met them yet every time I saw those darn laundry piles. Stay tuned this week for the last few steps… it’s been life changing for us!

  • I never thought I’d be excited about a laundry series, but life as a mom is full of surprises! 🙂 With only one little one in the house, laundry isn’t quite as daunting, but I love finding ways to make laundry even easier. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  • Oh this is so what I needed to read! I am buried in laundry (well, not literally) and have such a hard time keeping up with it all now that I’m working full time. You’re right… I just need to bite the bullet and start my marathon! Thanks!

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