Overcome the Laundry: Step #3 Organize Your Closet

Overcome the Laundry: Step #3 Organize Your Closet

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Really excited to share this third step in this process with you all! If you missed the first two, check out Step #1: The Marathon & Step #2: Konmari Style Purge first. Then, join me as we organize your wardrobe!

Let’s Organize

At this point everything is clean, you’ve donated or tossed the items you don’t love or use and now you get to let your individual style shine. Marie Kondo doesn’t like closets and recommends you fold everything. I actually love closets and prefer hanging as much as possible. What is your preference?

Then, you need to think about resources. Some people will want to use what they have and others may be in the market for a new dresser, new wooden hangers (I have my eyes on these beauties), maybe a second rod in their closet. You do you, that’s the key here.

However, there are a few things I think are very important to consider.

  1. You want to organize the items so you can see what you have and make getting ready very easy.  In Step #2 you eliminated that situation where you have a closet full of clothes and yet nothing to wear.  Don’t now go stuff everything into a bin where you may forget about items.
  2. You want to have an easy time putting things away.  If your dress clothes are in one room but your dress shoes are in a bin under your bed, you are making life harder for yourself than you need. Look at your life and decide what needs to be accessible and where.

In other words, don’t just put it all away. Think about HOW you set up your clothes and closet.  When things are organized for your ease, you benefit in more ways than one. It is easier to get dressed, rehang things that can be worn multiple times, find your clothes, put away your laundry and the list goes on. The goal from the start was to create a sustainable laundry situation in your house. I hope to remove all negatively surrounding clothing at your house. {Quick thought- this isn’t going to make things fit that no longer fit… we can chat health and wellness another time… THAT negatively around clothes I may not fix here unfortunately. Let’s tackle that another day though.}

My Wardrobe Organization

I recently adopted a capsule wardrobe which is a trendy term for a collection of clothes that coordinate. The intention is to have fewer items but since it all matches, you can mix and match everything.  The result is tons of outfits, all of which are made of pieces you love. I’d like to talk more about this in another post but its relevant here because this was a MAJOR shift in how I approached my wardrobe. I  limited my pieces substantially compared to before; no more pieces that only worked with one combination of clothes. When I simplified, I no longer needed a big dresser.  I decided to give my husband the dresser since that seems to work for him and I organized my items in white bins in the closet.

new closet

My whole setup cost me, maybe, $50 and has been the perfect solution for my needs and our current space.  Someday, I dream of a master suite but back here in reality, we have a cozy bedroom with an even more cozy closet.  I got a few varying sized bins to make sure things fit correctly and I still have room for my shoes. Here are some similar ones from Amazon, you know, should we have a similar style.

What’s Next?

Everything is clean, simplified and now the closet is organized in a more useful and internal way. What is stopping the giant laundry piles from coming back? There are two more steps in this process to help with that! Trust me, one of the most important details is up next… a pitfall for many, especially parents! Can’t wait to share Step #4 with you soon… this one is a game changer for us and should be for you too. Click here to see Step #4.

-xo Jenn


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