Recharged For The Week Ahead

Recharged For The Week Ahead

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I can remember being pregnant with my first child and talking about traditions with my husband.  We laughed and talked for hours about our favorite things we’d done when we were growing up and planned a lifetime of adventures for our growing family.  Flash forward six years and I can’t remember most of the specifics of those plans but I do remember one in particular that we discussed on that cool Colorado evening. We would always pick berries in the summer and ring in the fall with apple picking as a family. This is one thing we planned back then and we have actually done every single year together. Apple picking is the perfect adventure for us for a few simple reasons: its outside, it has a built-in snack option and we can take them home and cook with them for weeks. Our trip to an orchard continues to be one of my favorite days each year. This simple fall pastime, one that each one of us from our everyday chaos as a busy family.

This year we went to Brooksby Farm which was delightful and absolutely enormous compared to the places we’d visited in the past.  This new space to explore was met with open arms from our three tiny humans.  They ran and hid underneath the cascading fruit trees in a desperate attempt to find the perfect hide-and-go-seek spot. The farm had much bigger trees than I’d seen before and we spent a lot off time talking about how could best get the trees at the top of the 10-12 foot trees. Apparently my five-year old knows what a drone is and insisted that, undoubtably, that was the best way to retrieve said apples.

Our wild and free children ran through that orchard like they’d never seen blue skies and we loved every minute of this weekend adventure. I am always surprised how much we all seem to absorb out of experiences like this one. We live busy lives between working, school, sports, art classes and seeing friends. When we carve out time to adventure outside, it’s clear that we need this family time to recharge and be our best selves. The laundry can wait.  The lawn will get mowed.

This overachieving, busy mom of three will stay up a little later to get everything done tonight but I wouldn’t change a thing.

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