Reduce Paper Clutter: Organize All Those Bills!

Reduce Paper Clutter: Organize All Those Bills!

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Many people struggle with keeping paperwork organized. From kids art pictures to bills, the stacks seem to pile up quickly and it can be difficult to find things when you need them. I’m searching for a solution for kids art that is sustainable and simple. Because there is just so much of it! Today though, I have an amazing solution to help you reduce all those important papers spread throughout your house.

I used to have paper bills for almost all of our expenses years ago. Now, we do most of our banking and bill paying online but there are still hard copies of things we need to keep. Years ago, I created a home bill organizer that solved all of my paper issues. Namely:

  • a reduction in paper clutter
  • a place to put bills that needed to be paid
  • a place to put paperwork we’d eventually need for upcoming tax season
  • a place to keep our passwords and log-in info
  • a place to keep our monthly bill tracking forms, past months and future

The home bill organizer came to the rescue on all fronts. Ready to check it out? This is a simple solution folks but it will help you be more efficient.

What You Need

The set up is easy! Here is what you’ll need:

Get Started

To assemble your home bill organizer, make a list of all the expenses you have for the year. In the mock binder I created for this post, for example, there are 7: electricity, gas, insurance, internet, mortgage, phone, student loan. You’ll notice, I have 8 dividers; 1 for each of those 7 bills plus one for the monthly bill tracker. Some people write down their bills out on a piece of paper each month and others print out a neat monthly budget document. Either works here! Get the dividers labelled and put them in the binder.

If you have a private place to keep this binder, keep your passwords right in this binder. I put a tracking sheet right before the dividers. I wrote the Company, Username, Password and any other vital details for each bill. Now when you go to pay bills, the details you need to log-in are right there.  So easy!


For the last step, you need to put the envelope in the back pouch. The back pouch is for all items you may need for taxes that don’t have a spot in the binder. The envelope is to keep receipts if you, like us, have certain things that need to be written off come tax season. With that, let’s walk through how this thing works.

tax pouch

Everyday Use

Each time a bill comes in the mail, slide it into the front inside pocket of the binder.This way you know where they are and don’t have to go searching when you sit down to pay bills. Likewise, if you get a donation receipt or other tax document, slide it in the back pouch.  Use the envelope for business receipts if applicable.

When you sit down to pay bills for the month, you work on your monthly budget tracker for that particular month and cross off things as you pay them.

Once you pay the bill, write the confirmation number or check info on the top, punch holes in it and then put it in its respective divider section. Repeat until all of your bills are paid and your front pouch is empty. If you have bills that aren’t due for another month, just leave them in the front pouch. Also, if you don’t have a paper document to add to the binder, use a single sheet of computer paper in that section and write down the month and the confirmation/check number from paying the bill. When you are done, close the binder and put it in a safe but accessible place. That’s it!

This is by far the number one question people ask me in emails and on social media. Reducing paperwork and keeping important items accessible is vital for my sanity and this binder did the trick. I hope it is able to help at least one other frazzled person!  Let me know if you give it a try in the comments! Questions?  Feedback?  Keep me posted!

-xo Jenn

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10 thoughts on “Reduce Paper Clutter: Organize All Those Bills!”

  • This is such a simple idea but I never would have done this myself! Thanks for the tips 🙂 Right now I have a notebook that keeps track of when bills are due etc but i still have paper clutter!

    • This sounds just like me, before I put this thing together. It makes it so much easier to have it all in one place! Thanks so much for reading!

  • I have to say, when it comes to organization and keeping things in order, I am great at everything BUT my files. I think it’s even more difficult now that things are online but also offline or paper copy. Thanks so much for the ideas about getting back on track. It only takes a week or 2 for things to get out of hand!

  • This is such a great idea. Reducing clutter is always a goal and keeping everything in one place makes it so much easier to find and keeps the bills paid (no one likes getting the electric turned off because they lost the bill 😬). Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I SO need to do this. I am so unorganized and need to get everything together. This is the perfect, simple, easy way to get the bills/important paperwork together!

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