Overcome the Laundry: Step #5 A Simple Week of Laundry

Overcome the Laundry: Step #5 A Simple Week of Laundry

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We are here! Day 5 of this series and we are about to wrap up this process that keeps your laundry piles and stress at bay. If you are just joining in check out the beginning of the series with Step #1 first. Today we will discuss the weekly laundry schedule around here and exactly what that looks like.

This particular schedule wasn’t the goal for my family. The goal for us, and for this series, is to remove chaos that revolves around laundry in so many homes. I hope you find that you spend less time doing & thinking about laundry, hate doing it less and have what you need when you need it. This is a process that we spent 5 posts talking about, that’s a lot of steps for laundry. However, you should have your wardrobe to a point where its streamlined, it all has a place to go and now just needs a plan to keep it clean.

Our Schedule

Almost every morning I empty the dishwasher while I wait for my coffee to be ready or while I drink the first cup if my husband made it. (Check out the dishwasher post here… it’s a lifesaver.) Once I have a cup of coffee in my system, I grab the load of laundry and bring it to the basement to start it. When this is done first thing in the morning, I have the rest of the day to find time to finish.

We have five people in our family.  One is potty training and one is a baby who drools all day long. Our daily laundry therefore has clothes, extra clothes from the littlest ones and some pajamas in it plus a towel or two. It’s a medium-sized load which is perfect for the washer size we have. This is SO much less daunting than the old days where I would stuff as much as I could in to get the 3 piles looking smaller as fast as possible.

You may have noticed I said almost every morning. Once we each had a simple wardrobe and the excess items were put away, I found we didn’t need to run it daily.  Specifically, here is our schedule:

Clothing & Towels: We now do 1 load of laundry per day, 5 days per week.

Bedding: We now change the sheets weekly and wash them all together 1 day a week.

This totals to 6 loads per week regularly.  Our sheets are getting changed WAY more often than they were and we always have a closet full of clean clothes. We have an extra day per week to wash things like winter coats that get dirty, blankets they spill milk on, etc. When there is time in the week to get these extra things done, it is less enticing to just wait and make a pile of someday I need to wash this items.

Your Schedule

Your family may find you don’t need this many washes per week and could possibly do only three or four. Maybe you need more. You will settle into what you need if you attempt to wash a load everyday for a week or two and feel it out. I’d recommend you do sheets on a separate day if possible to make that chore much less daunting.  We literally wash all 5 sheets + pillowcases in one cycle. It works for us, but won’t for everyone.  My point is, see how simple you can be with your laundry schedule.

The Tip of All Tips

I feel very strongly that this series can help other families reduce stress. Each piece of this was created from a mom on a mission, determined to make a change for our family that would eliminate bickering over laundry and the clutter of laundry piles. There is one other tip that made this new schedule possible for us and quite frankly was vital to our success.

We have this 1 central laundry basket for dirty clothes now.  No longer do we each have our own in our rooms. We have one. For those of you who have always had your own, in each room, let that sink in. One location to pick up dirty laundry and take it to the washing machine. How simple is that? Now, I understand that all the clothes are then mixed together and need to be put away in multiple rooms. However, when it’s a day/day and a half worth of clothes, it takes basically no time at all compared to before. Plus, if you have kids, let them put their own laundry away. Its less daunting for them when its a smaller pile and pitching in is important for a family.

This change to one basket may be the best thing I did for my sanity. It is easy to see when you need to do a load if it’s all in one place. With the winter months coming, we may find our schedule changes. The cool thing about this single basket is, if it’s not a full load, I will wait and do it the next day.


Thanks to these 5 steps, we always have a full closet of clothes and at most are 1 laundry basket away from everything being clean. I don’t spend countless hours on weekends trying to catch-up only to never get around to putting things away. We don’t rewash items that were clean and ‘opps they were on the floor and got scooped up to wash again’. We also don’t accidentally wash and rewash clothes that don’t fit any longer. This series is a synopsis of months of work on my end to find a simple and peaceful laundry situation around our house. I hope it does the same for you all!

Let me know if you give this a whirl and how it goes! If you feel you didn’t purge enough or one of the steps could have been done more thoroughly, do it again and see how it works! Oh, and the laundry basket I posted earlier is wonderful and on a HUGE sale right now (10/3/17)… I highly recommend it! We don’t use the wheels personally but It is excellent quality and looks adorable in our bathroom. Check it out here!

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