Reconnect With A Family Pizza Pause

Reconnect With A Family Pizza Pause

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We decided to make pizzas for dinner on Friday night. We’d get various toppings lay them all out and go to town; each making our own pie. As soon as I mentioned we had a fun night planned, that we would be making our very own pizzas, the kids immediately declared it a “Pizza Party!”. Our kids love to party; everything is a party. And so, we partied. We made a sign, some paper chef hats and dove in with lots of little, clean hands.

Flour went everywhere. Most of the pepperoni and bell peppers were eaten before they even made it to the pizzas. But, boy, I wish I could have captured the look on their faces. The kids had so much fun and kept looking at each other with a wide-eyed look of pure joy. A simple act of slowing down and making dinner together made a profound impact on the mood in this house. If your house is like mine, come 5pm, the kids are “starving,” everyone is beyond exhausted and it’s, frankly, complete and utter craziness. Friday’s are 10x as difficult around here after a full week of school. When my husband suggested making pizzas, I laughed. Things would be too crazy and chaotic; was he nuts? I was sure we’d end up serving cereal in desperation and he and I would be ordering takeout.

Don’t tell him I said this, but he was right. We needed this pause in our usual Friday night, witching-hour routine to hit reset. This ‘pizza pause’ turned my entire day around. We were able to enjoy each other over prepping our dinner and eating the delicious results. Sure, they still needed an early bedtime and no, I didn’t eat until mine was cold. I know we each went to bed feeling full in heart and belly though so I will call that a win.

Family time is crucial. Whether you get it once a week or for 10 minutes a day, make time to connect all together. One-on-one time is another must but family time, all together, can really fill your soul. Even on a budget you can whip up some pizza or pancakes, play a board game or take a walk. These are the times that your kids will never forget. These are the moments when everything else that you need to do can take a back seat. When you can admire their innocent curiosity and recharge. When you love each other deeply and can focus only on each other.

Our Pizza Pause was exactly what we needed…can’t wait for the next one.

-xo Jenn

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