Wooden Watches: The Simple & Essential Staple in Your Wardrobe

Wooden Watches: The Simple & Essential Staple in Your Wardrobe

{This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions shared are my own.}

I have touched on my capsule wardrobe before and, by now, you may know I am a HUGE believer in this approach. It makes getting ready quicker, it makes laundry less daunting adn I always love what is in my closet. Yes, please! If you are wondering what a capsule wardrobe is, check out this old post here! While I don’t have a ton of accessories in this simplified wardrobe, I do strive to have a few essential pieces I love that will work with all or most that I own. Until recently I hadn’t found the right watch and was looking for one I would love.  

Enter JORD! I am so excited to partner with JORD and share their amazing & simple style with all of you! I am loving my new wooden watch and finally feel like I have the last accessory I needed. When mine arrived from JORD, I couldn’t believe the sleek design and clean look. The wood makes for such a unique look and feel. They have both watches for women and men. Each of which is handcrafted and makes a statement while going with everything! They are truly the perfect watch option!

I keep my capsule wardrobe minimal and this is the perfect addition. My maple wood Fieldcrest JORD watch is easy to pair with any everyday outfit, in any season. It’s lightweight but very well made and is always attracting attention when I am out & about. I am so thankful to have this essential piece to compliment my wardrobe.

So, what makes JORD unique is their dedication to sustainability & efficiency in their products and corporate mission. They make their watches in a variety of wood including Maple, Rosewood and even Bamboo! As another perk, they send the watches with cleaning kits and an extra link. I also can’t get over the cedar box they send your watch in. Imagine, product packaging that feels like a gift in itself. I can’t wait to use as decor or repurpose in a creative way!

Now it’s your turn! Here is your opportunity to get your own hand-crafted, all-natural wooden watch from JORD!

From now until February 25th, I have a giveaway for a $100 credit towards a wooden watch of your choosing !


If you enter, you will receive at least a 10% off coupon and one lucky winner will receive the $100 gift card to spend on any JORD wooden watch of your choice. Note, the coupon code and the gift card will expire on 3/11.

Wooden Wrist Watch

Good luck and thanks for entering! Let me know which watch is your favorite in the comments!

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