How to Make a DIY Wood Slat Barn Door

I am so ecstatic to reveal you exactly how to make your own DIY wood slat barn door with these 10 simple actions. I built this for our Springtime 2020 One Area Difficulty and am so satisfied with just how it ended up.

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As you may know, I developed ours to function as a shower door so we will certainly complete it in epoxy quickly. I place’& rsquo; t picked the product kind yet so I decided to edit this post later on keeping that upgrade but the door is constructed and I can’& rsquo; t wait to reveal you exactly how very easy it is!
Remember, my objective was to develop a long, vertical slat appearance. You can make use of these same instructions and do them horizontally or even up and down! Certainly, you can opt to repaint your own but I opted for a discolor to fit the cozy, vintage-inspired appearance we were choosing in the restroom.

Exactly how to Construct a DIY Timber Slat Barn Door

ENERGETIC TIME: This project took about 4 hours of job.
COMPLETE TIME: This task took about 8 hrs to full beginning to end up.
ESTIMATED COST: This will cost between $200-$ 400 depending upon your choice for the slats (see below) and also hardware.

What You’& rsquo;

  • ll Need Sanded 3/4 inch thick plywood board- you need it huge sufficient to fit the door size, I obtained this one
  • Wood Slats- I ENJOY THESE ONES. (Or you can make use of a table attended cut them out of a 2×& times; 6 yet I wished to streamline the project as well as splurged)
  • Liquid Nails sticky- this is always my go-to
  • Timber Filler- I used this
  • Spot (or paint)- this is the one I used and also used with a rag as well as foam black brush
  • 220 grit sandpaper- I used this one
  • Poet Door Hardware- Here is the one we utilized. Obtain one to fit your room, consider size as well as height far from the ceiling
  • Door deal with of your selection- Right here is the one I obtained and LOVE. So Sturdy as well as two-sided.
  • OPTIONAL: If you are making yours a shower door as I did, you will need an Epoxy End up. I used this one from Minwax which is a Spar Urethane. If it is good sufficient for a boat, it is good enough for our wood shower door!


  • Circular Saw
  • Brad Nailer
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Any type of devices needed specific to your barn door hardware guidelines

Step by Step

Initially, measure the height of the door you will certainly require, taking into consideration exactly how reduced the barn door hardware sits. Cut the board down to the correct dimension. Cut your slats to fit the size of the board. Bear in mind, determine two times, cut as soon as.

Next off, gently sand down the front surface area of your slats and also board with a 200 grit sandpaper. Use a fabric to clean the board down and ensure all the dirt is gone.

Now, it is time to discolor or repaint! Offer the slats a coat of stain or repaint on the sides and also front. You will save on your own a lot time if you stain/paint prior to producing the door. At the exact same time, tarnish, or paint your plywood board.

When the discolor is dry, format your slats and your board to put together.

One by one put a very small bit of adhesive on the back of one slat, down the center. Lay it flush to one side of the board, then add a brad nail every 8-12 inches. I additionally included a clamp on top, bottom, as well as in the middle completely procedure yet this sticky sets swiftly. Make certain to wipe away the added adhesive if it oozes from under the board.

I used a scrap piece of slat board as a spacer yet you can opt for a bigger or smaller spacer. With the spacer in place to develop the gap, use adhesive and brad nails to include the following slat. As well as repeat one by one until your door is finished.

Next off, I included my wood filler to fill out any of the nail openings.

When the wood filler has actually dried, sand down the putty a little bit and include a discolor to those places as needed. II just used a child’& rsquo; s small paintbrush and dabbed some tarnish instantly and after that cleaned it away immediately. It functioned like an appeal. f you are painting, add paint in those spots or a last layer of paint over everything.

OPTIONAL ACTION FOR SHOWER DOORS: In order to use your slat door as a shower door, you require to complete the door with a safety, water-proof surface. For long lives purpose, waterproof just doesn’& rsquo; t sufficed, it needs to be waterproofed. I invested months researching and am really delighted with the product I picked, the Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane, in satin.

I will certainly update this once the door has actually been around a while however up until now, it is impressive! It also remained in the rain for a bit when we obtained some unanticipated storms as well as let me inform you, I was really satisfied I had selected such a top quality product. Comply with the instructions while applying but it is a 24-hour task with a brief little bit of work and a great deal of drying out time.

So smooth however not also glossy!

Shower door or not, it is time to add a door deal with to your door. I put ours about 39 inches from the floor. Utilize your finest judgment based on your house and also length of the handle, but generally 36-42 inches above the flooring is best. I can not think this was much less than $20! Check that out right here.

When your door is total, it is time to place it! Mount the equipment per your package’& rsquo; s instructions. Ours was a two-step procedure. First I attached the braces to the door itself.

After that I added the brace to the wall itself!

Appreciate! You created a personalized wood slat barn door for your house in 10 (or 11 if its for your shower) easy actions!
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