Creating a Boys Fall Capsule Wardrobe

If you have a son who goes to school, creating a boys fall capsule wardrobe can be a challenging task. Little boys outgrow their clothes quickly, and older boys want to reinvent their style for the new school year. With so many changes in school requirements, creating a capsule wardrobe can help you save a lot of money by reducing the amount of clothes your son needs.

A boy’s capsule wardrobe is made up of coordinated pieces that can be paired with one another to create 105 outfits. The capsule is versatile and can be expanded with more pieces in the same color palette. For instance, solid tees can be added to the capsule to create more outfits. These tees will coordinate with each piece in the capsule. These can be purchased at stores like Target and Gap.

Creating a boys fall capsule wardrobe will save you money by limiting the amount of clothes your son needs to buy for school. A capsule wardrobe can also help you organize your son’s closet and reduce the amount of time you spend shopping for new clothes each year. By planning your son’s wardrobe ahead of time, you can get the clothes you need in one shop.

Boys fall capsule wardrobes are different from girls’ capsule wardrobes. For one thing, boys grow faster and may require roomier clothes. Also, they may not want to wear jeans all the time. Boys may need a mix of dress shirts and casual T-shirts. If your son enjoys spending time outdoors, he may need breathable activewear.

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