Truman’s Cleaning Ingredients Review

Truman’s cleaning ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic. Its products meet the Safer Choice Standard and use only ingredients listed in the CleanGredients database. Its bottles are also reusable and refillable, reducing plastic waste. The company sells its products in four-ounce bottles with a reusable spray bottle.

Truman’s offers four products, each made from natural ingredients. They are easy to use and environmentally friendly, and the company’s refill cartridge system means no more single-use plastic bottles. To use, simply fill the bottle with water and pop it in the dispenser. The starter kit costs only $15 for a subscription or $18 for a one-off purchase.

Truman’s concentrate can replace the equivalent of 30 trucks of conventional cleaners. In addition, the company’s supply chain is environmentally friendly, reducing packaging and shipping fees. As a sustainable company, Truman’s is on a journey to reduce waste and improve its inefficiency.

Truman’s packaging is composed of 45% post-consumer recycled content. The company uses cardboard as cushioning and avoids the use of air bags or packing peanuts. It also provides printed instructions, removing the need for manuals. This is a clear commitment to green cleaning.

Truman’s has recently raised a seed round of $5 million. Its investors include Henkel, a European consumer products giant that makes popular cleaning brands such as Persil, Snuggle, and Dial. The company has also received investment from BFG Partners and Uncommon Denominator.

Truman’s cleaning ingredients come in refill kits, which contain concentrated cleaning ingredients. These refill kits last up to 6 months. These refill kits will save you about 90% of the plastic bottles you would otherwise have to buy. Truman’s has an incentive to reward loyal customers with a discount on refills.

Truman’s has products for floors, windows, and the kitchen. They come in 43 different scents. Their products are safe and effective. These ingredients are free from harmful chemicals and are great for the environment. If you’re in need of a little extra scent, try the Truman Kitchen Cleaner.

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