Eden Soil Moisture Monitor

The Eden 25417 Soil Moisture Sensor is a powerful, portable device that will monitor soil moisture levels. It works with a Bluetooth Water Timer, which helps you save water by adjusting watering times accordingly. The device is wireless and can be placed in a 328-foot radius around a home. It works with two other devices, the Eden Bluetooth Water Timer and the Digital Programmable Timer.

The sensor itself connects via Wi-Fi to the Edyn Cloud, where it processes data and makes recommendations. It can determine soil moisture, pH, and light levels. It also reports on temperature and humidity. These data are then cross-referenced with a database of soil conditions. The sensors can also detect small changes in soil electrical properties associated with moisture, acidity, and shifts in soil fertility.

The wireless soil moisture sensor comes with a rechargeable battery, which can be used for multiple uses. The sensor can also be placed in potted plants. The handles are strong and easily push into the soil. The system also has a float level switch, which helps you control the irrigation system. With the Edyn, you can control the amount of water a plant needs.

Another feature of the Eden Soil Moisture Monitor is its ability to delay your watering schedule. This feature allows you to set different watering times for different zones of your yard. The device also features a rain delay feature and a manual watering button for when the rainy season occurs. It also comes with a large LCD display and raised buttons. You can program watering cycles from one minute to six hours.

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