Open Shelving Kitchen Storage Ideas

Open shelving kitchen storage ideas can be used to fill odd spaces. For instance, you can build custom shelving around door frames to maximize the space. Also, this type of shelving design allows for easy rearranging and changing of shelf vignettes. This is an excellent option for changing the decor according to the seasons.

In addition to providing extra storage, open shelves also let you show off your kitchen equipment. They are an effective solution for small kitchens where cupboards may be difficult to accommodate. Open shelves can be attached to the ceiling and may include two or more layers. They are also very effective for displaying decorative items.

Lighting can be an additional option to highlight your shelving. Install plug-in sconces to illuminate the shelves. These sconces come with metal channels that hide the wires, so that they can be positioned behind the shelving. Another option is to install sconces in close proximity to the cabinets.

You can also choose floating shelves to maximize your kitchen storage. These shelves are ideal for adding an elegant and contemporary look. Compared to open shelves, they require less maintenance and look more organized. You can also mix and match different items on the shelves to create a fun and stylish arrangement. If you have limited cabinet space, you can also make use of hanging racks for pans and pots. This will free up cabinet space and create an eye-catching focal point.

Open shelving is a popular kitchen storage option that saves space and is also useful for storing daily-used items. Ideally, you should position open shelves near items you use regularly, such as cutlery and dishes. Also, place cooking tools in holders so that they do not collect dust. This way, you won’t have to clean open shelves every time you want to store your dishes.

Using open shelving in your kitchen will make your space more versatile and more beautiful. It will give you a place to display your decorative items and keep your kitchen free of clutter. The open shelving design also allows you to make use of the space on your walls more efficiently. Open shelving is also great for small kitchens.

Open shelves also allow you to show off your individual style. Whether you prefer to display knick-knacks and plants or vases of flowers, open shelving will bring character to any space. It will also help you save money on cabinetry. It is also a cost-effective way to remodel your kitchen.

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