Earthworm Activities For Preschoolers

Earthworm activities for preschoolers can help kids learn more about the importance of the creatures in our environment. These creatures help soil retain more moisture and air and break down organic material that plants need to grow. These activities can be accompanied by reading stories or informational books that will engage children and get their imaginations flowing.

Children can start by making worm terrariums. They can collect the worms from their school garden and mix them with other natural items such as dead leaves, coffee grounds, carrot peels, and small bits of fruit and vegetables. Afterward, they can take the worms outside and observe them. After a while, older children can help dig the worms by using tweezers or magnifying glasses. They can also do pretend feeding by placing plastic birds and vegetables on the worms.

For kindergarten and third grade students, earthworms can be used as a learning resource for a life science project. Creating an earthworm compost pile can also serve as a breeding environment for the creatures. For younger children, a paper straw wrapper trick can mimic the effects of composting.

Depending on the age of your children, you can customize the worms you make. Younger children can use pink construction paper to cut out the worms. They can also add a face or write a memory verse to the worms. By incorporating the activities, your child will become interested in the creatures in a new way. You may even get some more information about earthworms through the Minnesota Worm Watch website.

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