How a Pantry Renovation Can Boost the Value of Your Home

A pantry renovation can boost the value of your home. In fact, a renovated kitchen recoups about 61% of its value when you sell your home. On the other hand, new countertops and cool items like a kitchen island decrease the value of a kitchen. So a pantry upgrade is a smart investment.

To streamline the storage of food, you can install floating shelves. The size and shape of the shelves will depend on the size and design of your pantry. Before reinstalling your new shelves, you must remove the old ones. For this task, you can utilize the Self-Prying Pro-Bar, which is specifically designed for removing materials from sub-flooring, large floor tiles, and shelving.

After the renovation, you can enjoy a neat and organized pantry. Various containers and labels make it easier to find what you need. Besides, you can also install a step shelf to easily access items in your pantry. In case you’ve got a narrow pantry, you can upgrade it with newer and deeper shelves, a green paint job, and more storage containers.

Sweeten’s online platform matches clients with prescreened general contractors. Sweeten also provides advice and support to clients, as well as up to $50,000 in financial protection for home renovation projects. This contractor helped a Park Slope couple redo their kitchen. In addition to adding storage cabinets outside the kitchen, he built a small pantry in the place of the refrigerator. The new floor-to-ceiling pantry is a luxury for a small apartment.

A no-handle pantry design is not a new trend, but it will give your pantry a sleek, modern look. No-handle cabinet doors feature a depression at the bottom, which makes them easier to open. This design also provides convenient access to cleaning supplies. It is also a great option for those who like to keep their wine cooler out of sight.

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