The Best Eggloo Coop For Small Backyard Chickens

Eggloo coops are a great way to raise more chickens than traditional coops. The design incorporates a sliding dropping tray, which makes cleaning up the coop a breeze. The wooden housing should be treated for moisture and pests before being used for housing your chickens.

The eggloo coop is ideal for keeping chickens comfortable in cold weather. Its special twin-wall insulation system acts like double glazing by trapping a pocket of air. A ventilation system prevents air from blowing directly over the roosting area, which keeps the air fresh. It can also be easily removed and cleaned. Lastly, the slat floor is easily removed for cleaning.

You can purchase an eggloo coop in several sizes and colors. These coops feature four nesting spots and removable dividers. You can even purchase them with wheels to make them easier to move and transport. In addition to the simple design, eggloo coops are built from durable plastic with adjustable ventilation to keep your chickens cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

An eggloo coop can be moved by a single person or two people. Its wheels make it easy to move around and won’t leave rivets in the lawn. It also has a plastic divider and a door for collecting eggs. An anti-tunnel skirt keeps predators out and a screw-down front panel keeps your chickens safe in any type of terrain.

The roof extends across the entire coop, protecting your chickens from rain. It also has a litter tray that can be removed. A metal base protects the litter tray from rotting. It also has lockable doors and excellent access all around. It also has two windows for great ventilation. Both windows feature protective screens.

The Omlet Eglu chicken coop is designed for small backyard chicken keeping. It was created by four graduates from the Royal College of Art. The Omlet company, which was founded by James Tuthil, has won several awards for its design. This coop is two feet, eight inches long and 80 centimetres wide.

The Omlet Eglu Cube is an excellent choice if you want a coop that’s easy to clean. It’s waterproof and pressure-washable, and the droppings tray can be easily removed for easy cleaning. This model also has a roosting floor that provides perches for hens.

The Omlet Eglu Cube chicken coop is a perfect choice for beginner chicken keepers. Its dual-walled insulation keeps the flock comfortable during winter and cool in summer. It also features vents on the sides and a ladder that’s easy to climb. The ladder is built with large, non-slip rungs to make it easier for chickens of all sizes to access.

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