How to Give a Vintage Bathroom a Modern Makeover

One of the most effective methods for giving a vintage bathroom a modern update is to use reclaimed materials and salvaged items. Corrugated roof paneling is ideal for a rustic bathtub surround and can be found for under $100 at home centers. You can also use vintage washstands and pedestal sinks to create a his-and-hers vanity. The use of antique bath accessories will add personality and charm to the space.

A waterfall bathroom faucet with curved levers is a perfect addition to the space, and will add a retro vibe. A white vanity with a turned leg silhouette also adds a vintage touch to the space. For flooring, you can use a classic hexagon tile in white or black and create a pattern with a geometric design.

Using reclaimed materials saves the homeowner money, and keeps the integrity of the home intact. Those shiplap walls will never go out of style. Ms. Carver has a collection of vintage tiles in various hues. While it is true that the era and design trends change often, a vintage bathroom’s original feel will remain.

A vintage bath can be an attractive option for homeowners who are unhappy with their dated look. For some people, the pre-War charm is a treasured part of the house’s architectural history, and it may be a way to celebrate that heritage. In addition to classic pedestal sinks and cast iron tubs, these bathrooms typically feature detailed tile work.

A vintage bathroom requires careful planning. The materials used to create a vintage bathroom are high quality and well-maintained. You may wish to choose wallpaper in dark colors or retro patterns. You can also use tile for the walls. It is important to choose a tile that imitates wood. And you should use dark floor tiles that follow a long board.

A modern vintage bathroom can also incorporate an unusual color like avocado green. Avocado green was very trendy in the 1970s. Today, it is out of style but is still beautiful if displayed. You can find a way to display avocado green bathroom fixtures and accessories. This shade of green works well with simple gray wall tiles and blush pink drapes.

Lighting is another way to add vintage style to a bathroom. The vintage look can be accentuated with gold-trimmed wall sconces. You can also opt for a crystal flush mount fixture with gold trim. Using a gold-trimmed doorknob can also add an extra touch of glamor to your vintage bathroom.

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